Robotic Platform

Robotic prototyping platform allowing to create, share and distribute interactive applications.
Apps developed with SpesRobo

Easy App Development

Easy development, prototyping and sharing apps. Zero configuration. Great for beginners, paradise for web developers.

We developed JavaScript library with tons of possibilities, from to controlling motors to reading data from sensors. Library is carefully designed to be as simple as possible.

Online app store

Single click to run. No installation. No wait. Fast way to change robot's purpose.

We plan to build a lot of applications and to put them to our online application store. Every application presents new way of intereaction with user and different feature sets. We think it is a great way to change robot's purpose fast.

Any Platform

Thanks to web technologies applications are available and optimized for all platforms.

Application store and applications are available in you browser so you can use it on mobile phone, tablet or computer. No multiple installations on different platforms.


Plug module and extend possibilities. You can add any sensor or motor.

Platform is designed to be modular. Developers are able to use easy connect their's sensors with a main controller and communicate throw web application.

App examples

Take a look at our application store for examples.

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Snippets for beginners

Example codes are available for everyone how wants to start coding.

Plugins research

We are support everyone to develop new plugins for our platform.

From idea to product

If you have great idea we offer help to make your first prototype.

What people think

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Contact Developers

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our project, give us suggestions for new features or offer parthership!